Fonts: Ampersands

Ampersands are in their own right, art elements. They are quirky, dynamic, attractive and are a great addition to any design providing creative spice and helping to define the visual character of the message. I have accumulated a list of fonts that include flashy, charismatic ampersands that are good choices if you are selecting one to achieve any of the desired outcomes

Ampersand_Favorites2Whoa Nelly, Lynchburg, University Roman Bold, Birra, Greco Adornado, Amperzand, Cooper, Mountains of Christmas, Bittersweet, Bayreuth

Fonts: Numeric

Numeric Fonts

Fonts bring character to any design so I thought I’d put a list of my top twenty favorite numeric fonts out there for the reading pleasure of fellow font fanatics. I chose these fonts because of their unique quality and character. Most of these fonts are free to download provided the individual terms are understood but some require purchase for commercial use. My two favorite sites to view  fonts are Dafont and MyFonts. These sites have an extensive catalog of fonts and they also provide a service that enables font aficionados to submit images of fonts they have found on the web for the site’s moderators to identify. It’s great to view these forums to see just how many fonts exist and if they are free to download or pay for use.

Here are twenty of my favorite numeric fonts:

Top Twenty Numeric Fonts

Top Twenty Numeric Fonts

Pompadour Black, Proclamate HeavyNormande BTVipnagorgialla Regular, ITC Ozwald, Bullion WF, Stilla Script, VT Corona, Magnifico Daytime ITC, Velvenda Cooler, Spotlight LET, Fargo Faro NF, Poor Richard, Villa Didot, Greco Adornado, Edo SZ, Power Chord, VintageOne, OrionMD, Cinema Gothic BTN Shadow



My Blog

This is my blog which will allow me to share my thoughts on fonts, software techniques and other aspects of the design process.

For the past two years I have been viewing font sites and in particular Dafont and MyFonts for typeface recognition and a basic understanding of the role fonts play in molding a design’s

My posts will mainly be about font classifications in the form of my favorite fonts for a selected style or theme. My hope is that you, the viewer will find a font that you have never seen before and maybe this font will serve as “missing puzzle piece” to your design solution.