Monthly Archives: May 2014

Google font combinations for print and web design

Google fonts are plentiful. Google fonts are diverse and best of all, Google fonts are free! Before a collaboration between designer and client gets going, most clients I have worked with want to know more about which fonts are free and which fonts come with a price tag. I have taken the time to browse through all of the current Google fonts available (632) and compile a small infographic showing my favorite Google fonts and how they could be used together in print and web materials. All of the combinations are open to mixing and matching various combinations and if I used a sans serif headline font I tended to go with a serif body font and vice-versa. I chose these fonts because I believed these not only were aesthetically pleasing but tended to be great fonts for the web with their strong, evenly weighted stem and spines that characterize good browser legibility. I hope my list will assist you in your search for that perfect Google font and speed up your print and web design time.