Similar Fonts

So what do you do when a client says “It looks like this font, can you find another font like it?” or you know that the right look is just not there but oh so close? Most designers turn to the many font sites and foundries that are out there on the web. But what then? Do you type in, “Find me all the fonts that look like Bodoni Poster?” There are a few solutions to this dilemma. You can conduct a specialized search like entering in a descriptive phrase such as “Spooky fonts” in Google Images for a certain look that defines the style of the font you’re searching for or you can go to MyFonts. This site offers a service titled, “Submit an image” where the searcher submits an image of a similar font from a screen capture or another imaging method and submits it to the site’s search feature. First you are given a list of compatible fonts and if you’re not quite satisfied with that solution you can proceed a little further to the site’s panel of font experts. You can specify if you want a reply sent to your email address or just watch your inquiry appear in the WhatTheFont forum and wait for a response with a matching solution. I have compiled a small list of similar fonts based on my extensive searches that I hope will illustrate the array of font similarities that exist and will continue to grow as more fonts are created and submitted to the web.Similar_Fonts