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Pixel Fonts

So many font categories, so many options when determining what type of font to use in a design. Pixel fonts are generally seen as futuristic but with so many options these days, the
diverse range of styles doesn’t necessarily define a futuristic-looking message or concept. A quick search through pixel font categories in dafont will reveal styles that reflect vectorized
traditional fonts and provide a unique option that can serve as a nice alternative to a “normal” smooth-edged font. Here is a short list of pixel fonts that have caught my eye and could make for a unique and visually attractive font option.

Pixel_FontsBM Utopia, Pix Roma, Émigré 15 (Lo-res 22 serif), Unlearned Bitmap, SugarBoy, Marietta Five, M38 Gorilla, Pixel Cowboy, Extrude Regular, Nemoddak 12 Regular,
PKMN Pinball, Origami Mommy, BM Corrode A13, Cube Bitmap 12, Oakland 8,
Borgnine, BM Germar A12

Heavy Fonts

Sometimes the design really pops with a massively huge font. Sometimes a heavy font is the backdrop for a thin, elegant font creating a double font effect that is eye catching. Whenever a heavy font is used an important message is proclaimed. Here are my favorite fonts that are visually appealing and serve the function of getting an important message across.

Heavy_FontsGiza Nine Five, Force Regular, Pincoya Black, Angies New House, Blox Regular,
Val Regular, Mobile Infantry, Mod Regular, Party Hard, DM Yes, Beautiful,
Gran Canaries, Clutchee, Dan Bold, Neil Bold, Null Free, Keel Fat, Tauro Regular

Attractive Question Mark Fonts

This post goes nicely with my post regarding ampersand fonts. I never really look at the question mark associated with a font. I will usually catch a post on dafont or MyFonts as a subscriber is asking for help to identify a question mark and checking out the reply from the administrator or a contributor. There are probably a ton of better examples out there but I think this list will help assist anyone looking for a nice question mark to add some spice to a graphic.

Question_MarksA&S Rister, Villa Didot, Sophisticate Ultra SSK, Ziggy ITC, Sphinx Inline, Fantini,
Elephant Bells Heavy, Fenwick Olden, Rio Grande wbw, Gille Classic, Bodoni Poster,
Magnifico Daytime, Rye Regular

Christmas Fonts

There were plenty of fonts to chose from when I was searching my files for type faces that looked like festive holiday fonts. I decided on these 13 fonts and I hope they provide you with an inspirational font to use for your Christmas card or holiday decorations.


Ham and Eggs, Minnesota Winter, Mecheria Regular, Good Vibrations, Patchanka, Greymantle, Fruktur Regular, Confection, Castlebury Sans Swash, CAC Shishoni Brush, Grenouille, Lavanderia , Mountains of Christmas