Raleigh Illustrator, Graphic Designer Mike Pezzoni

Hello, I am a Raleigh-based designer/illustrator and this is my WordPress portfolio website showcasing my most recent work and featuring a blog which allows me to share my thoughts on fonts, software techniques and other aspects of the Graphic Design process.

I am a one-stop resource for a company or organization’s branding campaign. From logo conception to implementation of content and image creation, I carefully craft a logo that reflects the character of the client’s mission statement/brand messaging. This process involves listening to client stories, thoughts and goals and sketching out numerous visual ideas using my Graphic Design experience to find visually dynamic and cleverly thought out solutions. My font knowledge extends into style identification and proper style selection for the text used in the logo and throughout a client’s visual messaging campaign. I have a broad knowledge of commercial use fonts if budget limitations exist paralleled with a similar depth of comprehension involving paid fonts.

Imagery is important to branding as well as SEO and I am not only an image identifier/creator for visual messaging but I have the branding experience to identify images that have the most SEO impact for a client’s web site or printed materials that go beyond a quick image search. My experience of the Adobe Creative Suite affords me the opportunity to effectively problem solve the many challenges of image composition and content enrichment.

My ability to illustrate cartoons and 2D visuals comes from my love of drawing as a child. Disney animator Bill Peet, Charles Schultz and editorial cartoonist Jeff MacNelly were my artistic influences.

The people who have worked with me in either a freelance setting or in the corporate world would say that I have a creative and methodical approach to logo design and branding development and that I am open to suggestions and am not subjected to an obstinate viewpoint.

I am also fluent in PowerPoint, Word and have experience editing video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Take a moment to view my portfolio, I appreciate your feedback. The portfolio items listed are logos, illustrations, large format signage and hand lettering that I have created over the last few years. I will be adding new items over the next few months.

Thank you for taking the time to read my short bio.